Dustin Robertson is directing a script he’s written called HIS BOY ELROY about anti-gay bullying based on his own true story.

This coming of age movie takes place first in Pennsylvania in the 1980′s where Elroy Sylvain is beaten up daily for being an effeminate homosexual child.  His parents are powerless to help their child fit in better at school where Elroy’s self-esteem suffers the hugest blows.

The story then follows Elroy to Art School in Los Angeles in 1990 where the negative effects of his anti-gay bullying complicate his coming out process.  Coming out is rarely easy for anyone.  Elroy transcends his violent and problematic childhood to face his sexuality head on in college upon falling in love with a boy for the first time who is not out of the closet either.  His Boy Elroy demonstrates how the unconditional love of his father saves Elroy’s life over and over.  Loving ones children unconditionally is the best way to help bullied kids.

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